Dr. Ray Damazo
Photo Album

“My life is significantly
easier than most
of the people in this world.
Because of that, I have a
huge responsibility!  I must
do all I can to pass that
blessing on to others
I can change the lives
of many people . . .  
This trip was a humbling
and inspiring one that
helped me to reset
my spiritual thermostat.


Welcome to the Maasai Dental Clinic!

Operatory Operatory

The Maasai Dental Clinic is located near the world-famous Maasai Mara National Game Park in Kenya, East Africa. 

In addition to its original goal to provide quality dental care at no charge for the Maasai People, the facility will also be used to facilitate deep, life-changing experiences for students in the educational program of Loma Linda University and the School of Dentistry.

Through the National Association of Seventh-day Adventist Dentists (NASDAD) year around dentists and dental hygienists will volunteer as staff for the Maasai Dental Clinic.  Click here for more information on opportunities to serve as a volunteer.

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